Art 3 Final Porfolio

Mason Cotton

1. My most successful project was the Light/Dark project, I figured it would be an easy but a good unique project since it was my first in art 3. I just used basic paint. It was nothing complicated, but I tried to make the lines as straight as possible for an exact shape. I used purple as the background color because it was a neat shade and brought out the yellow. It all fell into place and made a wonderful project.

2. I struggled most with my intertexuality project with the shading of the bottle and the fizz like background, I used spray paint for the background and I think it looks good. It took me like four days to spray paint because it was rainy in windy. So I had to overcome that. I didn't take to many risk but there were plenty of obstacles to this project. I feel like I became a better artist because I did take a risk in the spray paint background. It turned out really nice.

3. My artwork grew a lot from the Light/Dark project to the Shoe project. As an artist I learned new ways and materials and just many different concepts. I went from just a basic painting to a project with different layers and I had to measure them perfectly to match up. I used the basic drawing paper in my first project. Then I ended up using see threw paper for my layers. I think I just got more comfortable with taking risk. I ended up threw out the year brightening my creativity.

4. I thought we had more freedom. It was more of a calm slow moving, but very creative class. It was a great class and we got to do our own thing but learn at the same time. It was a great class style and I wish other classes could be just like it.

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